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As creatives, we look for any excuse to put our brains and skills to work and festivities (Halloween in particular) are the best time to exercise the creative flare inside us all.

Halloween, above the trick or treating and scary movies, gives people (although they may not admit it) the personal challenge of, well... being the most unique in the room in regards to choice of outfit. Make-up is often the number one resort for achieving this goal, whether it's using a qualified MUA or going DIY and trying your best not to ruin it.

We've put together 5 of our favourite terrifying and terrific make-up ideas for Halloween - just in case you need some last minute inspiration.

Demon Girl

This Halloween make-up looks effortless yet is probably the most frightening in this list. The eyes and hair are the key components of adding the fright to the outfit! (Would you even approach this person at a Halloween get together?).

Hallloween zombie girlThe Unzipped Flesh

The zip is probably the most popular choice in terms of adding wax/latex wounds to your makeup, with the creativity spiralling from placement and surrounding. We specifically like how this version is not only central, but is gory inside with the outer area being totally clean - very subtle (besides the knife...).


halloween zip face

Champagne Flute In A Bride's Skull (BY THE BOOK!)

Our very own specialist creative recruiter Lucy Englefield (who also happens to be a qualified MUA) was her own Halloween template with this freakishly well done wax illusion of a champagne flute stuck in a bride's skull. This crazy look gets a 10.


DC Comic Book Characters (Harvey Dent & Wonder Woman)

The final two are a double whammy of extremely eye catching pieces of work. These comic book inspired make-up steer away from the usual zombies and skeletons and do a freakishly good impression of comic book characters that look straight off the cover!

Harvey-Two-Face-Dent Wonder-Woman

We hope these offer some last minute inspiration, if not for now then for next year (you may need a year of practice to pull off some of these!)

Happy Halloween!

Image Credits: pinterest, instagram, popsugar

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