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With snowfall surrounding our Manchester and Leeds offices this morning, we are appreciating the creative snow sculptures we are seeing go viral from residents of New York to Massachusetts, while they may be metres in snow and a majority without power, they still make the most of the weather. Although we are a creative recruiter and our heart is in creative, we don't think we could quite manage some of these. Here's the best we have seen (so far...).

First up, who hasn't tried to make, thought about making or failed to make Olaf from Frozen? Probably the first thought in anyone's mind when they see the snow start to stick, and these guys have nailed it (the detail in the facial expressions!). Do I wanna build a snowman? If it will look like that, yes I do.


What's a snow sculpture without a touch of irony? This personal favourite of ours has just that. Who would of thought to make a fire out of snow? This North Eastern American guy would. The touch of creative flair (get it?) with the flames, colour and especially the added Marshmallow on a stick, make this one of, if not the best of the list in our eyes!


Now, if you have children and the snow is deep enough for unfortunately for you, the schools to close, it becomes your duty to step up, bare the cold and try make a half decent snowman. This one guy however, has ignored all expectation and in simple terms 'gone for it' with this awesome Star Wars AT robot, which his daughter can sit on! (We are pretty certain a robot from a 1980's sci-fi film wasn't exactly her first choice though was it dad?).


... but who cares, when you have one for yourself!


Wrapping up now (last pun, I promise) who needs a 'Welcome' mat, when you have an incredible life-size snow Shark chilling (okay, definitely last pun) on your doorstep. This home in one of the blizzard hit towns of America, have also gone the extra mile and coloured their work of art in! It really gives the place a lift too, with a  real 'homely' feel to it. 10/10 for this one!


If you want to see more cool snow sculptures check out boredpanda before they melt!


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