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So, many of you have probably popped up your Christmas trees already, we are a full week into December, but if you’re looking for something a little bit different on show, what about creating your own alternative tree?

A combination of pallets, branches, wood, books, chalkboards, doilies, glue, nails and a hammer are all you need to create your own.

Wooden Christmas trees made from branches are easy to make and look really lovely – different sizes and colours can look even more interesting.

Doily (yes really) trees are handy for those short of space or wanting to not have too much festivity going on – doilies, twigs & glue and off you go to do you own thing.

Chalkboard trees are another easy and editable option – draw your favourite style tree and include decorations of you choice across it – the look and feel is completely up to your own personal tastes.

Trees created from pallets allows for a very personalised look and feel, allowing you to tweak the look and feel each year with different paint colours and light fixtures.

What about a tree made from corks? This may seem easier to make after Christmas, once the celebrations have taken place and the corks popped, but can still easily be done now. Floral foam cone, or equivalent, and a glue gun is all you need for this one.

The book worm in me loves this – a Christmas tree made of them! Books, a star or angel for the top and a string of fairy lights and you are done.


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