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We all love cooking, and if not, we all definitely love eating. But the days of regular old steel pans and wooden spoons are over for us creative enthusiasts with the latest trend in quirky and creative kitchenware and gadgets taking off in our design-freak homes. From shark sushi to diamond ice cubes,  these top ten house warming gifts will give you both idea envy and a creative giggle or two.

10. Ferry Steam Pan Cover

Let's get the boat sailing, up first is this simple yet creative pan cover. Beats the old 'use a plate if you can't find the pan lid' antics!


9. Loch Ness Soup Ladle

Keeping it aquatic and pan-orientated with this Loch Ness themed soup ladle, we are sure there's been similar to it, but the Loch Ness is the best idea we've seen or heard of, who wants a wooden spoon or regular ladle when you can have your soup served to you via mythical creature? Silly question!


8. Magic Salt 'n' Pepper Shaker

Sprinkle some magic over your salad or Loch Ness inspired cream of tomato soup with these, quite uneccasary and probably a lot more inconvient regarding storage, salt n pepper shakers, probably not the best practical idea, but hey- they can't all be winners!


7. Shark Sushi

Like the animal featured, we are all killers for sea-food in our office and sushi goes down a treat most lunchtime's so this idea has been welcomed thoroughly throughout our office. Neat, tidy, creative!


6. Hot Tub Tea Infuser

It's hard to look at this one without having a slight chuckle, you can tell by the smile on this infusers face he is having a good time in your coffee edition Jacuzzi.


5. Snotty Yolk Separator

Not what you really want to see when preparing you're brunch time omelette, but as this is a creative blog and not the food hygiene act, we will still have to give it a 10 for design!


4. Diamond Ice Cube Tray

Be classier with your choice of frozen water with the fashionista's dream ice tray, diamond shaped ice cubes... pity they melt with the size of those rocks!


3. Lipstick Flask

Now we aren't sure whether this is still one for the 'fashionista' or bordering more towards the 'alcoholic'. Whichever it is, we bet you want one (too...).


2. Unicorn Cake Sprinkles

We love the look of this handy little unicorn cake sprinkler (although the look of that cake is giving it a run for it's money).


1. Jeans Muffin Holder

This is by far the best we have seen. The 'muffin top' muffin holder is a definite 10/10 for creativity and design! We love it!



Now let's not judge that our top 3 are aimed at secret alcohol storage and cake making, instead- comment any cool and creative kitchen gadget designs you've seen.



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