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All kids love collecting; stamps, figures, stones, pens, the list goes on and on. Every small person worth their salt has a box stashed somewhere full of random but ‘vital’ stuff.

King Ken

(This is King Ken, he's my favorite)

We have to admit to a love of toys here at The Book. We quite like a trip round the toyshop and all have a penchant for LEGO. However, the ones we like best are vinyl collectibles  There’s lots of different types, urban vinyl are probably the most well known you might have seen Dunnys by Kidrobot. Each toy is artist designed and unique. We love them because how it shows each artist’s perspective and how they put different spins on the same blank canvas.


(Though, we love Monkskey too)

The movement started in Hong Kong and Japan but toys are made everywhere now. We have just discovered Yum Yum, a London based studio who make gorgeous characters. They specialise in telling stories though the toys, animation and illustration. We like Boris the hamster best.

Boris the hamster

 And finally, to make you smile, watch at this brilliant animation.

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