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We at The Book have been doing this recruitment malarkey for quite some time and wanted to share our top five tips in order to help you nail that creative job interview. While some of these may seem somewhat obvious you would be amazed at some of our experiences through the years. From candidates lack of preparation regarding the company they are interviewing with to turning up and making no eye contact, while sitting there with arms crossed – funnily enough, these things do not go unnoticed or down very well!

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  1. Do your homework – we cannot emphasise the importance of this enough. Know details as to what the company does, explore their website, do some research into those working there (thank you LinkedIn!), and understand the job role you are interviewing for inside and out. We will do lots of this with you, but there will be plenty more you can do by yourself too.
  2. Show, don’t tell – you work in a visual sector, so show your work and experience, do not just talk about it. Bring examples of your work and working process – your portfolio, and website if you have one, should do much of this for you.
  3. Body language – eye contact, no fidgeting, genuine smiles, relaxed but good posture, a firm handshake – they all matter. Without even realising it, nervous tics, fleeting facial expressions and nail nibbling can give the game away. It does pay to be aware as to how you hold yourself, as you want to come across as capable, confident and together.
  4. Be yourself - no rehearsed scripts, show yourself as your amazing ‘self, perhaps just a slightly more ‘together version’ 😉 Honesty and being genuine are hard to fake – so don’t fake it!
  5. Ask insightful questions – show you have been listening and fully engaged by asking appropriate questions regarding the role / company / team and how things are delegated and get done. This is not wage talk time…

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We know it sounds tough to bear all of this in mind while you are going through the interview process – it is - but it really helps you on your way when you do. Finally, and no less importantly – good luck!

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