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We can’t help but notice the proliferation of throwback design all around us at the moment from coffee packaging to stationery sets. It’s not only our clothing that has been inspired by the past!

retro coffee cup
For a new take on a retro trend, think bold squiggles and colours, fun, dodgy clip art, geometric shapes and Atari-style video game graphics and you have Modern Retro.

The trend is nostalgic and creates an immediate connection, i.e. it makes you feel you already know a brand or product when you have never seen or heard of it before. Clever that!


What makes this type of design so popular?
- It is attention grabbing – colourful with lots of eye pleasing ‘simple’ shapes
- It communicates an era and ‘feel’ at a glance
- It’s instantly familiar – think warm and fuzzy feeling inside…
- Retro styles are a fun way to try something new

When doesn’t it work?
- The vibrancy of the colours, as well as the font used, can make text difficult to read
- Not everyone understands what it is, they don’t understand the reference point
- If it’s out of trend soon your brand is quickly dated

Design Shack inspired this post, for more info, take a look for yourself :)

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