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The Future's Bright, The Future's CODE!

Does your child know there PHP from their .Net? Their Drupal from their Magento?

Skip to 2030 and you’re child could be conversing in languages other than GCSE level French and Spanish.


Coders in 2015 are a sought after commodity, as we plunge head first into an increasingly digital age where “tech” is top of the agenda.

However the likes of MIT, Barclays and pop star, Robyn are looking firmly to the future and schools will be surely soon to follow suit.

Last year the BBC reported that the national curriculum intended on introducing basic coding skills to Key stage 1 (5 to 7 year olds) and we saw the likes of UKFast introduce coding clubs in primary schools.

kids coding

MIT, have created the Scratch Jnr app which aims to take children as young as five through the coding process.

But is it important to engage children in coding so young?

Of course the aim is to ensure that future generations are fully equipped to become as employable as possible in the digital age, and the demand for developers and simply people who are conversant at some level in coding in is huge and steadily growing.

Electro pop princess Robyn realises the importance of a tech savvy future and put her name to “Tekla” a festival supported by the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology that aims to engage girls up to the age of 11 - 18 in all things electronic from robotics to music.


Aside from this the corporate world have also recognised the value of training up young tech talent and launched their “Code Playground” scheme offering coding classes at certain branches.

And so it seems that coding will be a key skill for the future, out with the old chalky maths teachers and the pythagorus, and in with the CSS!

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