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As it’s the 10th Anniversary for the Book this month you might notice a theme for our blogs…10 (amazing!)

So, this month we thought we’d ask a few of our friends in the industry why they love their job so much…

Number 1

“One of the things I love most about working in this industry is the unpredictability. One day I can be sat with our senior clients, debating a long term strategic approach for their coming year's digital activity. The next, I'll be brainstorming with our creatives over how best to strap a camera to a pigeon's head.
And, the most ridiculous thing...I still get paid on those pigeon days”

Christina Marks, Client Lead, Poke, London

Number 2

"The creative industry relies on a natural human inquisitiveness to power innovative and game changing thinking. It embraces individuality as a catalyst to ignite imagination. It’s people focused and that’s what makes doing what we do so interesting and continually refreshing”

Gavin Greenhalf, Global Creative Director, Spicefire, London

Number 3

“It’s always a good conversation to have around a pint of Leeds best and a packet of Porkys Pork Kernels. "What do graphic designers do?" We design everything - from this beermat, to the male genital enhancement pill packets in the toilets. Its also an extra buzz when you see your work out and about communicating with the world and its beady eye”.

Tez Humphreys, Senior Designer, Vast, Leeds

Number 4

“I love working in the creative industry because we have the opportunity to make people happy through our work, it's the best feeling ever. Also there are so many exciting techniques and tools to learn all the time, it never get's boring”.

Beth Algeri, Director, Yum Yum, London

Number 5

“When I first decided to be a designer, instead of being a brain surgeon, it was when I realised that someone would actually pay me to do what I loved doing the most - drawing! Awesome!"

Vanessa Christian, Creative Director, Equator Design, Nottingham

Number 6

“It's the only industry where problem solving is positive and fun. I get to play with art, colours, images, typography, space, and think ideas all day, everyday!”

Harmeet Sembi, Freelance Designer, Leeds

Number 7

"Where to start. As a writer and nosy bloke, I love finding out how other businesses work and how their customers think and feel. Tailoring copy, content and ideas to all that gives me huge satisfaction. Seeing how that work can then deliver results is immensely rewarding. Then there's the people you get to work with, brilliant, funny, sometimes scary, it makes for a working atmosphere I think few other jobs can match. And even when it's not so great, I just have to remind myself that I'm getting paid for ideas and words, which for me is a dream job in itself”.

Andy Hair, Freelance Writer, Leeds

Number 8

“That sweaty feeling of panic before inspiration strikes - it's an addiction.”

Mark Lees, Freelance Creative Director/Writer, Manchester

Number 9

"I like working in the Creative Industry as no two days are ever the same, and I've never had a to wear a suit. Plus, I still remember the horror of my Maths lessons at school, and I always hoped I would get I job where I would never have to use algebra... 20 years in, and fingers crossed, I never have!"

Dan Clarke, Freelance Senior Designer, Halifax

Number 10

“As a milliner I love being creative because I am able to create pieces for people and make them feel good about themselves…I love how they will put their trust in me."

Kate Jones, Milliflorea, Leeds

For us, over the past 10 years, it’s all been about working with and getting to know a fantastic bunch of people …

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