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Pokémon Go – ‘Gotta catch ‘em all!’

You may have heard the words Pokémon Go bandied about of late, once or twice (or more like a couple of hundred times a day), but what exactly is it?

Currently available in 35 countries, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, challenging users to find and catch its characters in real world locations and surroundings. You need to keep your eyes peeled as these cheeky beggars get everywhere, and I mean everywhere! When in the vicinity of a Pokémon a player’s phone will vibrate, alerting them as to their presence. Once found, all players’ need to do is throw a Poké Ball to catch it – be careful though, they may very well try to run away.

It has proved so popular and people so dogged in their mission to capture the characters that many properties / buildings / locations have felt the need to put up signs informing players to stay off their land. We have also heard of people taking holidays, sabbaticals or even quitting their job, in order to dedicate more time to playing. Ok!

Not that we play games in work, *ahem, would never dare*, but this is what it MIGHT look like if we did…

Pokemon 2

At the time of posting this story the game had already been downloaded over 15,000,000 times. In a couple of weeks. Wow! Looks like this is a game that we will be hearing a lot more about for another little while at least…

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