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What are the key things that happen in job interviews that put employers off? And this is nothing to do with your CV, clothing or chat which were all on-point on the day of course. You walk out of the interview thinking it has gone really well, but nope they think otherwise and it progresses no further…

Some of the key red flags are obvious:

Being late
If you’re late while on the way contact your interviewers and let them know. It’s best to apologise, explain, seem sorry…

Not taking the interview seriously
It goes without saying, but do your homework, dress appropriately, portray the best version of yourself and show why you’re the one for the job.

Not applying for the job correctly
Although you may not actually get to interview stage in the first place if this happens! If they want the letter or info in a particular format, it is of course best to do it that way.

Casual chat
It’s easy in some instances to forget that you’re speaking with your potential boss and not your friend down the pub. While you want to show your personality, remember why you are meeting.

Over-egging your CV and exaggerating in the interview
While you want to discuss and show your experience as best possible, try your best not to go completely over the top…it’s easily done, but keep it somewhat reined in.


While others may seem a little less obvious:

Letting your personality shine through
It’s completely understandable that you’ll be nervous but try your best to be your personable self - show them some of your fun side. While experience is key, people choose people!

Limited availability
This can apply to the interview itself, answering your phone or for the actual job - as much as possible try to be available as required; it’s not always possible but keep the communication channels open.

Old school embarrassing email address
I’m guilty of this one myself (my everyday personal email address is truly blush inducing), but know enough not to use it during job searches! It just doesn’t give the right initial impression and can be distracting…

Brown nosing
There is just no need…keep in mind a lot of the previous points and show your very best self to allow yourself the best shot at getting the job.

This recent article in Metro was the inspiration for this piece and is well worth a read: http://metro.co.uk/2016/12/07/here-are-the-main-red-flags-employers-look-out-for-when-hiring-new-people-6307063/#ixzz4TMvE98uh

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Good luck in your job hunt!

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