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We all know that trends follow the arts & culture, society and of course music. There are a number of reasons designers design the way they do for album covers, they listen to the music, the lyrics and sometimes just go completely out there! But as a creative, don't we all sometimes? With the music industry booming in Manchester, I thought let’s take a look at some of the artists that have graced the stages here and their well known album covers:


Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

Designed by the London design group Hipgnosis, who also designed albums for Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. They’re well known for their conceptual creations that get you thinking! The prism on this cover was actually influenced by the amazing light shows at Pink Floyd concerts.


Joy Division: Closer

Designed by Peter Saville, probably one of the most well known designers to come out of Manchester; known for his collaborations with artists at Factory records, creating simple yet striking album covers (New Order, to name one other). The image on the front of Closer is a photo of an old cemetery; a contemporary piece of art is key - juxtaposing the old and new.


Bonobo: Migration

Being honest, Bonobo is one of my favourite musicians - his style and brand are one of the strongest around. Utilising his love for music from different cultures, he brings this together to create exciting music with so much depth. His album artwork, particularly on Migration, mixes photography, design and the natural world. After listening to Kerala, the new single, you realise the designers Neil Krug and Go De Jong agency in London wanted to show that changing moment.


Submotion Orchestra: Colour Theory

Another northern gem, this band of 7 formed in Leeds produces beautiful music and need the designs to go along with that! Colour Theory may be pointing out the obvious with the changing hues across the cover but the effect is excellent and eye catching and strikes a chord with the music on the album.

Now, these are just a few of the fantastic covers that are out there and new and exciting designs are popping up all the time, tell us about some of your favourites?

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  • Mattia Busuttil
    November 22, 2016 - 4:15 pm Reply

    Great read!

    • Lynne Kelly
      November 28, 2016 - 1:41 pm Reply

      Thanks so much – glad you enjoyed :)

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