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I'm determined to get into the Christmas spirit this year & try to be more organised than the usual last minute panic! We know Christmas is approaching us when X Factor and Strictly have eliminated half of the acts and when the lovely Ant & Dec come back on our screens for I'm a Celebrity......

Anyway... along with that, the TV ads have just started to appear on our TV screens (& will probably drive us all mad by the time Christmas arrives!)

I have to say, so far I have liked what I've seen & I was intrigued when I watched the Debenhams ad, as it has a really warm christmas feel to it. However, is it just me, or is the M&S ad just the same old marketing??! Yes, the minute it comes on, we probably all know that it is an M&S ad, but it's the same old theme? Nothing new. So, 'if it's broke don't fix it' or 'it did so well last year let's just do the same again'?

We would like to know what you think? Check out both ads here


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