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moustache kind of morning

If you have been keeping up with Movember this year, you'll know it's not long now until you're going to be forced into getting rid of that terrible tache. But what if it isn't a terrible tache? What if you've been growing out something quite remarkable and want to keep that going for the rest of the year?! You do that, The Book support you so much that we have put together a little blog with the best movie-staches we've seen... just for you.

First, and quite obviously first, is Anchorman Ron Burgundy. The famous face of the 70's Channel 4 news team is a brand known across the globe after two solid movies that took the comedy world by storm featuring Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.

ron burgandy

Next up, sported by actor Tom Hardy in the biographical 'Bronson' is an interpretation of infamous and identified Charles Bronson trademark... the classic day moustache. No? Ok...


WE LIKE! Stepping away from the ever cool Ron Burgundy and the fierce Charles Bronson, here's a guy you probably look more like with your current Movember madness. IS NICE!


This one's just a mid blog tip- only Tom Selleck, can be Tom Selleck. Moving on...


What you think you look like

What you actually look like







If unfortunately you can't grow a moustache of the same calibre as we have seen in this blog, but your friends can, take a few shortcuts... (We won't tell!).

brian moustache

For more wacky moustache ideas check out our Movember Pinterest Board!

As you may know Movember is an annual monthly fundraiser held throughout November by The Movember Foundation in an attempt to help raise money to improve the lives of men suffering from prostate and testicular cancer and mental health problems. So far they have raised £346m and have helped save and improve the lives of men suffering from these issues. You can send a donation to The Movember Community via their website.



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