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With all of us here at The Book being a regular audience to the latest eye-catching designs, we are constantly seeing the latest and greatest bits of creative! We have put this blog together to share with you what we like at the moment. So kick back and enjoy..

First off this great idea to establish a 'work life balance' from an agency in Holland! These rising desks make home time, well.. home time! No late hours for these guys!

Next up we have a great bit of street art (who doesn't love some street art?!) from artist David Zinn who uses chalk and pavement to create these short sketches.










Swaying away from image designs for a minute is this short video from The SmarterEveryDay YouTube channelwhich shows a So Motion Tattoo needle at work- a fantastic ppiece of video editing turned internet sensation- check it out! (not for the squiemish!)

Now a great piece of illustration from American illustartr Rachel Ryle putting her European travels into short video sketches...(be sure to follow her on Instagram @RachelRyle for some amazing short videos!)


Finally, coming upto Halloween check out these Disney characters dressed up from a Back to the future Flynn rider to an Ash Ketchum and Pikachu Alladin and Abu!










So that's it for this week, if you have any stand out designs you've come across don't forget to comment and be sure to stay tuned for What We Like part 2 coming next week!

CREDIT: Collosal, Mashable, AdWeek, Design Taxi

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