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You'll be happy to know, after a succesful 'What We Like!' blog- we have opted for a round 2! In this edition we have appearances from the recent Paris Motor Show straight through to folding bridges and more from Disney! So sit back, pretend you're doing something important (which of course you are) and enjoy!

In at number 1 we have the new 'removeable footbridge' inroduced in Paddington London. The aim, we're guessing, is to ultimately make it look as appealing vertically as it is horizontally? We aren't really sure but it gets a 10 for design from us!


With the Paris Motor Show being held this month it would be stupid of us not to include it. Some of the most innovative and impressive motoring structural designs have been introduced this year from the likes of Nissan, Ferrari, Citroen and Infiniti. These are our favourite of the lot!



Third on the list is a great piece of graphic design from Italian graphic designer Simona Bonofini. The 'Selfie Fables' designs feature what Bonofini expects would appear if your favourite Disney characters had Instagram. And who doesn't love a good Disney-Instagram graphic? (Pay attention to detail on these..look out for the location tags and comments!)

Herculues-Instagram Maleficent-Instagram




Fourth and final for this week is a 'save the best till last' kind of moment. This article from The Daily Mail shows a jaw-dropping piece of photography which New Jersey based Art teacher and shark-enthusiast Amanda Brewer managed to snap whilst exploring the coast of South Africa on a volunteering trip...

(Due to copyright reasons we can't include the image... but have a look and come back to us!)

... emphasis on the 'jaw-dropping'. Fantastic quality image so close and detailed. Not bad for an amateur photographer hey?

Thanks for tuning in to this weeks 'What We Like!' If there's anything in the creative and design world that YOU like, share it with us in the comments section!

CREDIT: Colossal, Wired, Design Taxi, Daily Mail 

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