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Genius In Manchester!

Before we get started let's make this clear- despite the title, we have NOT discovered the Manc Albert Einstein. However... having a Manchester based office, we are well aware of the ongoing filming of the 1920’s New York based movie ‘Genius’ on our doorstep. Anything going on in the city centre leaves us nosey and eager to find out what’s going on, but this is something else- the filming of this movie sees British superstars Jude Law and Colin Firth walk our streets filming their latest Hollywood blockbuster. EXCITING!

Genius focuses on the life of Max Perkins (Firth), a book editor at Scribner, who oversaw the works of writers including Thomas Wolfe (Law), Ernest Hemingway (Dominic West) and F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of 'The Great Gatsby', (Guy Pearce). The notable filming locations across Manchester include King Street, Brazil Street, Dale Street and the Northern Quarter (so keep your eyes peeled!).


A sneaky pic we managed to snap- metres away from the Director, Law and Firth on Brazil Street. ACTION!

Excited with our Manchester streets being turned into 1920's New York, and this Brit packed spectacle set for release in 2015, we can’t wait to see it and look out for any places we know!

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