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Freelancers, the saviours of the marketing agency. Those super-heroes that step in at that critical time. When the project's fast approaching deadline, you need some creative input, that back end dev just isn't coming together, the agency needs an extra pair of highly qualified hands to get it all finished. And there they are. The professional freelancer saves the day.

To recognise and reward these key people in the creative industries The event (held in London) will see a handful of the 5 million freelancers in Britain gather for IPSE to showcase and reward some of the fantastic work that freelancers have delivered this year.

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We work with freelancers across the country to help them secure work or even make the move into permanent work should they wish. In the process of doing this we’ve been lucky enough to witness first hand the fantastic work ambitious and skilled freelancers can bring into both an agency environment and an established in-house team.

If you’re interested in freelancing for some of the most innovative agencies and leading brands in the UK, get in touch!

On the fence? Check out our blog on the pros and cons of freelancing.

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