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Here at The Book you'd be amazed at how many CVs we get each week.  We thought we'd share with you a few things that regularly come up when people ask us about the dos and don'ts...

1. Marital Status

Nobody really needs to know that you're  'In a Relationship',  'Engaged to be Married' or 'Divorced 3 Times' - a simple Single or Married will suffice although none of this is really necessary in this day and age and we'd probably advise you just leave it off altogether.

CV Tips

2. Date of Birth

We often get asked if this should be included or not.  For us, we don't care.  You'll be judged purely on your experience and your suitability for the job.

CV Tips

3. Be Creative!

It’s surprising how many bland CVs from designers we get through our doors. If your aim is to get a job working with some of the best design agencies in the UK- don’t just write what you can do- SHOW IT - be as creative as you can.

CV Tips

4. Data Overload

Now, although we do suggest edging away from the traditional word document and look more openly upon PDFs and other creative formats, steer clear from huge files - they often just don't get through email gateways and you'll never know your application has never been received.

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5. Order of relevant experience.

Your most recent experience should be at the top of your CV. The reader wants to know what you are doing currently, not that you had a paper round in 1978.


6. No Silly Photos

In fact we probably don't need a photo at all...you're selling yourself on your experience not what you look like.  So, you can put your selfie stick down or if you do feel inclined to add your photo make sure its a professional one

selfie image2

7. Avoid Crazy Fonts

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 …point made.

8. Please avoid speaking in the 3rd Person...

 Write as yourself (unless your applying for a bed time story reader role- in that case, go for it!).

reading giphy


It’s probably the most important tip of all- make sure all your spelling and grammar is up to scratch- check, double check and check again. ESPECIALLY Copywriters (You’d be surprised!)

CV Tips

10. Avoid Waffling

If you’re a senior candidate with 15+ years experience for example - you really don’t need to put which primary school you attended or loads of information of what you did in your first job.  We recommend CVs should be 2 pages long, no more.

CV Tips

Finally, it goes without saying that your CV should include a good description of the company you work for, and bullet points of your specific responsibilities.  It's always useful to have full list of software pacakges you use regularly.  We're always here to advise!

So that's it- our top ten tips.   Hopefully this will help you improve your CV and stand out to whoever is reading it.




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