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Our friends at Anthem World Wide have created a brand identity for a new range of products specially created to preserve and nurture tattoos. Whether you have a new tattoo and need to support it's recovery or have an existing one and want to protect it from the elements then you will benefit from these products. Or you may be looking into getting 'inked' for the first time Anthem has also developed the social media presence for Forever Ink, which includes an app that gives advice offering a tattoo aftercare healing plan. It uses GPS to detect what the weather is like and what aftercare to use for those conditions.

The packaging is stylish and modern and with some many people opting for life long body art its a necessary product to look after them properly and also give the right advice and trouble shooting on this equally well designed website...

Find out more below:


Designweek - Anthem-worldwide-brands-forever-ink-tattoo-care-range

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