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If you're a frequent reader of our blogs, you'll know more than anyone we love a good idea and something different.

During what we like to call our 'free time' in between emails. We discovered something new about Google Maps and Street View.

That we can now go underwater!

Google maps Hawaii 2

Upon discovery (literally!) we first decided to take a trip beneath the clear blue in Hawaii...

Google maps Hawaii

After getting a little more fluent with it, we headed off to the danger zone that is The Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately, there were no Sharks (or Nemo's) around for us to safely admire from the comfort of our city centre offices...

Ultimately, we enjoyed our trip from wet and windy UK to the Australian shores, (Real or not!)

Great Barrier Reef

So, next time you need a break from your Monday morning or want to live a little on your Friday afternoon- go see the sights!

Once again, Thank you Google submarine!

You can see the full list of Google's underwater adventures here.

Image Credits: Google


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