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No, not getting creative as in bending the truth – this post is all about CVs for those in the creative industry; the content, look and feel.


While it is true to say that the same points as a ‘normal’ CV are relevant – name, contact details (including LinkedIn and / or website URL), brief introduction, work history, education, skills and hobbies / interests etc - the manner in which you can visually present it is so different (and exciting!)


The key point for creative CVs is to give an enticing taste as to your style. Your experience is obviously important too, but representing how you work and compile information is vital. Your portfolio allows for the fuller picture, but your CV needs to make potential employers eager to go that step further and actually have a look.


Designers, designed pdfs are the name of the game, with not a word document in sight.

Cover letters or emails (keep it brief) cannot be forgotten, they offer the opportunity to highlight key relevant projects and skills, as well as offering more insight as to why you are THE one for the job


Lastly, the very best of luck on your job hunt!


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Thanks to http://good.co/blog/2014/06/19/creative-resume-ideas-template/ & http://www.creativebloq.com/career/creative-resumes-11121419 for the images

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