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One of our very good friends here at The Book is on his way to stardom! Remember the name, Dave Sharp! I was lucky enough to go and support him at his Britain's Got Talent audition in Manchester...I can't tell you how excited I was to see him perform on the big stage after years of going to see him perform in the smallest corners of our local pubs with as many friends we could get together.  To see him standing on stage in front of 4 famous judges not to mention the 2000 people in the audience, it was a very proud moment!

What does he do? I hear you say...Well, in the words of Simon Cowel "It's a very clever performance". It really is a unique way of performing. He takes on the personality and imitates some of music's biggest names and at the same time Dave paints a 5 foot high portrait of the star. For BGT he did Michael Jackson, so he dresses up like him then to a medley of Michael Jackson songs dances like him...while painting a 5 foot painting of him...and wait for it, he did this in 3 minutes!  I know, amazing!



Well, the judges loved him as much as we do and he got 4 Yes's! So like I said, look out for him as he has "so much more to give". He does lots of different personalities such as Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger and Prince.  Check out his show reel below.

Dave Sharp: Performance Artist from The Laundry Studios on Vimeo.

He's certainly got our vote!





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