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After a phenomenal first three months working in The Book’s Manchester office, we thought we’d ask Lucy Englefield just what an experience it’s been coming in to such a busy work environment and having to hit the ground running.  Whilst we all know what a tough yet rewarding job this is, industry newbies can often be a bit surprised. Let’s see what Lucy thought:

Recruitment Consultant

1. First of all how have your first few months at The Book been?

My first few months have been great! Hectic but a fantastic learning experience, and being mentored and trained by such well revered consultants who have shared their expert knowledge about not only recruitment but the creative market in the North, which is so vibrant and booming at the minute, I think it’s a really exciting time to come on board!

I’m also working with some of THE best agencies in the North, agencies that I’ve followed and been inspired by for a long time, it’s exciting to be working with some of the best talent in UK!

2. What have you enjoyed the most?

I feel that communication is a vital part of the job and meeting candidates and clients has been the part I have enjoyed the most so far. Again I think it has played an instrumental part in expanding my knowledge of the creative sector not only skill set wise but also culture wise too.

3. Are there any key skills which you have learnt along the way which help you a lot more in your work?

I’ve learnt that prioritisation and effective time management is key to success in recruitment. Making sure that my day is planned as much in advance as possible so that I can deliver to deadlines even if they are subject to change. This one is still a work in progress, and I keep tweaking my processes so that they are gradually becoming more and more effective.

4. What would you recommend new recruiters to focus on in particular during their first few months?

Get to work early! It helps to make sure you are prepared for anything that might creep up on you during the day and it means that you can catch people before the working day gets too busy for them and for you!

Well, it seems that Lucy is ticking all the boxes at the moment. She’s certainly working hard and from what we’ve heard on the Manchester scene she is also enjoying herself socially! We’re delighted to have Lucy on board and hope she’ll be your first point of call if you’re looking to make a move in the North West.

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