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Exciting news! LEGO are opening up a store in Leeds within the new Trinity Development. It will be their 4th store in the north with other lucky cities being Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool. We’re not ashamed to admit that we love LEGO here at The Book. First, some fun facts. A Danish carpenter Kirk Kristaiansen up LEGO in 1932 making wooden toys, with the modern Lego brick being patented in 1958. Apparently bricks from then are still compatible with Lego made today, though I wonder how much they cost? The name Lego comes from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means “play well”, a great slogan that still works today. Did you know that LEGO produces nearly 20billion LEGO bricks a year - that's 36,000 a minute? Or that LEGO also makes 306million (tiny) tyres a year - more than any other 'tyre' manufacturer! - that's my personal favorite 'fun fact'. There are lots of reason’s that we love LEGO:

  • It’s simple

OK, so some LEGO isn’t actually that simple (ie LEGO Technics) but in general it’s a simple toy that you only need a box of bricks, a bit of floor space and off you go.

  • It’s creative

LEGO stimulates the imagination, even if you follow the instructions and build a specific model, there is still that toy to play with and decide what you are going to do with it.

  • It’s affordable

Well….another one that might be contentious but small LEGO kits can be bought for under £10 and can provide hours of enjoyment. It can be built up in small pieces to make a big collection.

  • Doesn’t need batteries

Sometimes it’s nice to have a simple toy that doesn’t need 18 AAA batteries and where you can’t find the on switch (or as many parents will testify, the off switch).

  • It’s acceptable for adults to like LEGO

Go on, admit it, we all secretly love toys. But grown adults look a bit strange with Barbies or wooden trains. A passion for LEGO, however, is accepted if not actively encouraged, especially in creative industries.

  • Open to everyone

It’s easy to make something simple yet aesthetically pleasing. But it can also be complicated and very involved. Children (and adults) of all ages, girls and boys can get involved in LEGO play.

  • It’s aesthetically pleasing

There is just something nice about the coloured uniform bricks and it’s easy to make something that looks good. LEGO minifigures

  • There's mini figures

This is one from me, I love mini figures. They are cute, collectible, adaptable, visually pleasing  colourful, in fact, what's not to like? So go on, get the bricks out and apparently the new store is recruiting. You never know, you never know you might get a job in LEGO.

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