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This year marks Emma Thomson's 10th year working at The Book and to celebrate we organised a night out with both The Book and Network Marketing teams. We were joined by our Group Lifetime President, Tim Watts and Chief Executive Jon Smith.

We started the night (after a very busy day of course) with some drinks at Leeds Restaurant Bar & Grill and then transferred to their Deal Room on the first floor which provided a great location for private dining.

Everyone was delighted to see Emma presented with a lovely watch as a mark of recognition for her 10 year service. Over that time she's recruited some of the most talented digital creatives in the North into some great agencies and hopefully most will agree she's made a real difference to the careers of many creatives out there.


Tim Watts, Emma Thomson & Jon Smith

Emma commented, "I don 't really know where the time has gone to be honest. I have to say I have loved every bit of it though and really feel I have a connection with my market and the people in it. Having been around a bit now I think it's safe to say that plenty of people know me and I hope I'm right in saying that my reputation speaks for itself!"

With the formalities performed, everyone tucked into a selection of wonderful food, from sirloin steak to salmon fishcakes and the odd sip of wine...(yes just the odd) followed by a great selection of desserts to round the night off.

As a creative specialist recruiter we would like to congratulate Emma on this remarkable achievement. Not just for 10 years working with The Book - but a GREAT 10 years working with The Book. Well done Emma and well deserved!

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