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So, at The Book we're basically a bunch of big softies who like nothing more than to cuddle up with pets on the sofa and watch a good film in front of the fire - who doesn't? However, we're regularly found fretting through the day about what Fenton (the cat) or Ranger (the dog) are doing at home while we're busy helping people find their next job.

Imagine our delight then when we came across this infographic from the lovely people at Skype that have obviously had the same thoughts. Basically you set your pet up with a Skype account (don't worry, we haven't gone completely bonkers...) and then leave the laptop on pointing at the place where said pooch or pussy is supposed to be while you're out. Skype call them from your mobile phone and, because you've set their Skype account to 'auto-answer' the camera fires up and, hey presto, you can see and talk to your pet!

Take a look at the infographic below - if you can think of a better use for Skype we'd be amazed...

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