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As we see design trends come and go and sometimes disappear, there is one that is forever on the up - illustration.

As a style it lends itself to graphic design, moving image, wallpaper, furnishings, typography and much more. Find below a number of variations of the style that stand out for us here at The Book.

Vintage print

Predominantly used in beverage branding recently, such as Kraken Rum, this style is flexible (interiors, branding, packaging etc) and adds a hint of luxury and a feeling of time behind the brand. With influence dating back 100s of years, vintage print is not going anywhere any time soon!


This style encourages the renewal of fine art processes that we need to see more of… screen print, block printing and etching, to name but a few.

Doodles and more doodles

With books popping up from designers like Johanna Basford encouraging the age old pastime of doodling and colouring in, this style has blown-up and can be seen on walls far and wide, from those in  creative agencies to the bottom of the BT tower to celebrate their 50th anniversary.


Illustrated typography

Typography as a whole is one of the most fundamental elements of design, throw in some illustration and your decorative typefaces tell their own story before you even see the finished pieces as a whole! The image below is the beginnings of a design for Honda - would you believe...?


Images courtesy of: Kraken Rum, illustrator Johanna Basford and Honda.

This blog post is courtesy of Hayley Murphy.

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