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We love this. A high end shopping boutique wanted a brand to reflect their personality; feminine, sensuous, yet daring, strong and independent. In their words they are 'a boutique that caters exclusively to strong women with a confident and in vogue fashion sense’. The brand they came up with is Cocolobo which translated means Coconut Wolf. We all agree here that they have executed this beautifully and that it's some of the loveliest branding/packaging we have seen for a while. To read more about this fabulous brand and its identity click here:

On the other hand the new Bacardi Cuban Gasoline packaging is not our favourite - we just don't think its Bacardi and found it a little dated??? OK, the history behind this concept is pretty interesting (smuggling alcohol in oil cans) and we suppose the idea is executed well, however, shouldn't alcohol look like alcohol rather than something you'd put in a car?? Personally when we think of Bacardi we picture a lovely refreshing image with ice/frosted glass and fresh squeezed limes. You might not agree.


Both campaigns can be seen in this month's edition of The Drum, along with another of our favourites - the Hobbycraft advert with the triplets...ha ha.

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