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Last night Ange and I attended the 2nd Creative Networks event for 2013 at Leeds College of Art. Creative Networks hold events with talks from a diverse group of high profile speakers from across the creative industries.

Cathy de Monchaux talked through some of her work and experiences. A British sculptor; she has exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery, the Tate and was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1998. She has exhibited internationally with great success, particularly in the USA. Read more about her  here

Here are a couple of images that were showcased...

 Cathy de Monchaux 1    Erase 1989 by Cathy De Monchaux born 1960

Conrad Shawcross was nominated and awarded the first prestigious "International Fellowship" award at Location One. His credits include his inclusion among The Observer's 2004 list of 80 most talented young people. "The coolest figure in British Art" (GQ, 2012)

Conrad talked about his exhibited work and the team of joiners and welders he employs to help him create his masterpieces. Check out some of his creations here

We'd be interested to hear what you think about their work?

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