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The importance of typography cannot be underestimated, with modern day branding bringing it to the fore and raising audience expectations – artistic typefaces are everywhere!


Whereas previously typography was only a topic of interest to graphic designers, the internet has made it a lot more accessible – people are aware that it is a ‘thing’ and actively look out for new fonts to try out, download and use. Time New Roman be gone… please, please, please.


2016 has seen a return of big and bold fonts, capped up headings and logos, after a few years of capitals being ignored almost entirely, with words fully capped down.


‘Handwritten’ style fonts, whether looking like they are written in water colour or in more solid lines, are having their moment, as is grunge –the slightly dirtier side of typography.


We will keep our eyes peeled as to the next big things...and perhaps take a bit of a break from Lobster!


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