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Fashion and design trends often go hand-in-hand, so when we discovered the top 10 colours for spring 2017 (sounds so far away!) we felt the need to share.

The Pantone Color (there is no u in here on purpose, promise) Institute released the top 10 shades to coincide with the recent New York Fashion Week.

All in all, the colours are a mix of bold, neutral and cool – very solid in terms of lending themselves to design trends outside of solely fashion.

This classic denim-style blue is apparently the most prevalent of colours for the season ahead. Think easy, comfy and relaxing!


Primrose Yellow
Warm, happy, lively – this colour is sure to brighten your day. It is probably quite hard to be sad or miserable when faced with this shade…


Lapis Blue
This is a shade of blue that still manages to look ‘warm’, seemingly hard to do but they have achieved it.


Reddy-orange, this shade ads spice to the mix. Not for the faint hearted, it stands out and demands attention.


Island Paradise
This aqua-based shade may well invoke thoughts of relaxing on an exotic holiday. Calm!


Pale Dogwood
With subtle pink undertones, this colour is pretty and healthy. It also lends itself to matching well with an array of colours.



This shade of green is refreshing and ‘outdoorsy’, with strong yellow undertones on show. Breathe deeply…


Pink Yarrow
A tropical pink, this colour is bold and screams look at me (and dance perhaps?)


No longer do you need to only eat healthy, you can now surround yourself with it! This natural green shade works well with many other colours, whilst also working well solo.


Last, but not least, hazelnut is a key neutral shade for spring 2017. It is a transitional colour that will not immediately date – it is safe, but nicely so.


What are your favourites amongst these?

Thank you to http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/graphic-design/these-are-10-colours-of-2017/ for their great piece, inspiring this post and to Pantone® for their colour swatches. 

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  • Jonathan
    September 29, 2016 - 3:28 pm Reply

    I’m wearing Niagara today. So on trend!

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