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Flat Screen TV's, smart phones, tablets, ipads, Xbox 360, DS - they're all everyday items in so many households nowadays. As we all know times have changed and technology is improving all the time which is great. However, whilst sitting at home the other night I was flicking through the many Sky TV channels and was amazed that there was ‘nothing to watch’, which seemed ridiculous! Or do we just have too much choice?

It just got me thinking of the good old days when, like many other families, we had one TV in the lounge with just 3 TV channels to chose from and no remote control (which would always prove to be a challenge to decide who was going to get up and change the channel!)  Imagine the excitement when my parents bought a VHS recorder (top loader) which seemed like the most advanced technology to us at the time and meant we had more choice. (For those young designers out there - this is what they looked like...)

Video Recorder


So then we got to thinking about the programmes that some of us used to watch in the  70’s (as VERY young children of course). Shows such as The Wombles, The Magic Roundabout, Bagpuss and Mr Ben  were all favourites along with Little House on The Prairie and who can ever forget The Waltons?

As a family on a Saturday night we would all happily sit down to the likes of Dr Who, Starsky and Hutch, Charlie's Angels and Kojak.


The Original Charlies Angels

Were we just easily entertained back then, not knowing any different or did we actually have enough choice?

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