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The nights have drawn in, it's fricking freezing out there - at least it was when I walked the dog this morning... And no doubt at some stage we're going to be getting the winter sniffles. So, who doesn’t crave a tin of soup when it’s cold and dark and you’re feeling a bit under the weather? Which is why we love this campaign by Heinz. It invites you send a personalised tin of soup to your loved ones with the message "Get well Soon".

Using the Facebook app you add their details to your tin and Heinz will send it to the sickly recipient. The campaign has a nice charity tie in too. For every tin of soup bought they will donate towards Starlight pantomimes for children in hospitals and hospices. The campaign was run successfully last year (we didn't see it - did you?) and is back by popular demand. It now includes the option of sending a digital personalised tin of soup to your Facebook friends - another great social sharing incentive.

We think the campaign is interesting for several reasons:

  • It’s a nice simple concept that is easy for consumers to buy into.
  • It reinforces the brand message of Heinz soup as a comfort good food and something for when you are feeling poorly.
  • The campaign creates great brand associations of caring and giving, all admirable values for a brand such as Heinz.
  •  The campaign is run on Facebook and requires you to like the page before you can access the order form. At the time of writing they’d already had over 3,000 likes.

So, anyone feeling poorly? Want some soup?  We'll send the first person to reply one!

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