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If you follow our blog, you will know that we have previously written blogs on business cards and how the more creative, the better the card, after all, its purpose is to be remembered isn't it? Whether it fits in your wallet or not.

Moving on, as the creative world is constantly flowing with ideas and moving forward with speed and innovation, we think it’s time to update ourselves with the much loved creative business card, so here it goes:

The key to making a great creative business card is of course to make it relevant to your business and Bon Vivant do this perfectly, the restaurant supply it's aspiring customers and suppliers with this credit card sized steel cheese grater, ideal for the kitchen draw or office?


A witty piece now from James A.W. Mahon Divorce Lawyer, because nothing says helping through a difficult time like a good old fashioned joke... (and I bet there were some less entertained customers). Nevertheless a subtly clever business card from this lawyer, we like it!


Now with this next one, we have all seen little packets with seeds and the company name on, often they are samples or little giveaways from florists or garden ware stores, it's likely that there will be a lot of similar business cards, however what is great about this one, is the text, not only the company name, info and slogan, but the clever piece of advice given on the opposite side where you open the packet "For best results, spread seeds then add Lush."- very clever.


Tam Cargo are another company with an understanding of what makes a good business card with this miniature cardboard box, and I bet their clients have these on their desks filled with bits and pieces of change, pins and pen lids!


Now this isn't quite a business card, but how are we not going to include a personalised Lego with your name, number and email address on it? This has got to be by far the most creative way of handing out business cards, who is going to say no to or ever get rid of one of these things?! Great effort by Lego and their creative team!


This company has really took advantage of the whole 'Bike 2 Work' scheme. Bicycle repair shop Broke Bike Alley have a handy little tool avid cyclists can slide into their wallet or put in their bag to fix and tighten up any screws that come loose before the commute!


Finally, our favourite business card of all- our own (if that is allowed...).





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