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Design trends are led by many aspects – cultural trends and shifts, emerging technologies and the more random whims that are human nature. We have had a look back at THE key trends we can’t help but have noticed throughout this year.

This article was a great inspiration when we were working on this post and is well worth a look.

Nostalgiamaking the old new again
This can be clearly seen with brands such as Co-Op and Kodak returning to their logos of old. While nostalgia exists always, this year seems to have seen it in a much bigger way.




Minimalismkeeping things simple 
Most prominent or noticeable in things such as logos, brands such as Subway and Instagram have launched new ‘flat’ minimalist designs – expect lots more of this!



Illustrationalways on the up 
Design trends come and go but there is one that is most definitely on the up – illustration – key to brands such as Kracken and Honda. As a style it lends itself nicely to numerous arms of design.



Geometricsvisually pleasing 
Another trend that has been around for some time, it hasn’t lost any of its appeal or relevance and features in branding for the City of Melbourne (council) and Regular Beer.




Colour overlays – change the mood of an image
Colour overlays allow you to easily change the mood of an image by simply adding an all over colour effect – think along the lines of vivid shades to bring an image to life. Spotify uses this effect well, as does the brand Zimya.



We have seen a few pieces discussed trends to look out for in 2017, and while many of the above trends will continue we look forward to seeing what new ones manage to pop their head up over the parapet - especially if it involves more of this!  (beautiful)

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