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The first days in a new role can be incredibly daunting so we thought we'd put together a few fun and helpful tips to help you settle in to your new role.


Nothing screams 'settling in' like a few beers or a glass of vino after work on your first day. Socialising with your new colleagues, whether it's drinks after work or grabbing a coffee at lunch, is a great way to get to know your new team both professionally and personally. The usual cautionary note applies!


Find common ground

Once you start to settle in and socialise with your new colleagues, you'll discover hobbies and interests you share. We can't promise that there will be someone in your team who also enjoys collecting 18th Century stamps from Luxembourg... but there might be some keen cyclists.

bradd pitt clycling

Bribery (Bring in treats)

We think we speak for everyone when we say nothing looks better on a Monday morning than treats to beat the morning blues. A pack of cookies or doughnuts will go a long way (not literally!).


Meet all departments

If it’s a large company you’re joining set over different departments, try to engage with as many people as you can outside of your immediate team. There may even be some 'newbie' banter to get involved with!

Get straight to it!

Getting to know your new team and environment is great but as soon as you’ve conversed, get straight into the day job and show them why you’re there!


So there we have it, a few fun tips to help you settle into your new role!

The Bloggers Favourite: Bring doughnuts!!! 

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