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5 Top Toy Success Stories of All Time

We’re sure every office reminisces as much as we do about childhood memories and our favorite toys. This article about how Lego is now the worlds biggest toy maker got us thinking about how toys don't just rely on plastics for profit. We've put together 5 of our favourite toy success stories from over the years and here they are.


It’s the top selling toy of all time and we’re not surprised! First established in the 1950’s and now worth around $15bn, Lego has seen tremendous surge in popularity after the release of Lego The Movie and various Lego TV Shows and games (but we all still remember Belville!).

lego movie

Toy Story

It’s the 21st anniversary of Toy Story and there’s talks of a fourth installment in the works. We’re not sure if Hamm the Piggy Bank counts as a toy but nevertheless, the Toy Story series played a huge part in boosting the popularity of iconic toys including plastic soldiers, slinky and our personal favourite, Mr. Potato Head!

toy soldiers

Mr. Potato Head

The original Mr. Potato head was actually the first ever toy to be advertised on TV (which is something considering how many fill up our ad breaks now!). Hasbro have taken advantage of the popularity of their original product and you can now buy Star Wars, Marvel and Doctor Who editions!

mr potato head


TV shows, movies, action figures, video games, trading cards – Pokemon covered it all. There most iconic ‘toy’ was actually their trading cards which are now valued ridiculously highly – so if you’re reading this and have some in your loft, get home and check their worth!

pokemon cards

Rubik’s Cube

Erno Rubik's highest grossing puzzle game of all time, the Rubik's Cube is one of the most recognised toys world wide. Appealing to both children and adults the Rubik's Cube has spanned 4 decades from it's original wooden block form to being adapted across digital platforms. With World Records being held for how fast you can master this puzzle (current record being 5.25 seconds!) it makes being good at this toy quite the competition!

rubiks cube

There's tonnes more we can think of from Game Boy's, Knight Rider RC cars, Girls World and Jenga! Have any to add? Let us know!

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