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Recruitment isn't an easy game. Balancing my enthusiasm of great creative work and the demands of hitting client deadlines means that you have to be super efficient. But what's it really like to work in the creative recruitment industry?

1. Organisation is key.

I imagine this is an important skill across the board and not just in creative recruitment. I find being organised helps me to be more efficient and effective throughout the day (surprisingly the excuse of 'creative space' doesn't fly for a messy desk!).

organised desk

2. Great communication is essential.

The most important part of communicating with creatives is demonstrating you understand them and their work as an individual. Whilst some creatives may have different 'styles' of communication and presentation, it's not always a sign of the quality of work!


3. Listen.

There is such a large range of different types of skills across the creative industry it's important to remember which skills each individual has. Whether it's PHP, .NET or Java, copywriting, scamps or storyboards, it's essential we identify the real strengths people have so we can work out what might be their next career move.

listening ww

4. Enjoy it!

It’s hard to be good at anything you don’t enjoy, so make sure you’re interested! Luckily for us, we have a passion for design and love keeping up-to-date with what creatives are doing, who just won that big design brief and meeting new people!


5. Know that you’re helping.

In the ever-hectic days of working in recruitment it’s always good to remember that you’re helping change someone’s life for the better… And some of them even say thank you!

happy candidate 2
happy candidate 1

happy candidate 3


So there we have it. Remember these pointers and we're sure you'll do great!

Image Credits: penson, pickywallpapers, familyfriendlydaddyblog,  gifme 


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