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Walking through the town centres across Manchester, Leeds and London at this time of year we are seeing plenty of creativity pumped into festive store windows.

The best we’ve witnessed so far are the usual suspects; Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods.


Harry Gordon Selfridge, as represented in BBC Drama ‘Mr. Selfridge’ was a department store giant whose name lives on through lifestyle today. Selfridge's knack for innovation saw him from very early in his career as a retailer, bring window displays to life in many different ways, his most popular display idea apparently surrounding lingerie! A bold move to make at that time.

This year, each of Selfridges 12 store windows on their Oxford Street store are based around each of the zodiac signs and they look equally as great as they are unique, constantly reflecting innovative fashion trends and giving designers the opportunity to express their individual style.

selfridges window zodiac

Harvey Nichols

A staggering ‘15kg of glue sticks and 30,000 staples’ were needed in the production of Harvey Nichols 2015 Christmas display which features mannequins with gift boxes for heads and focuses on the playfulness of the season with inspiration being drawn from the catwalk. The creative juices where flowing here taking us back to the era of New York's Studio 54.

harvey nichols catwalk christmas display


Accompanied by an animated feature to get you in the Christmas spirit, Harrods have re-introduced their popular character, Peter Pumpernickel, who along with Santa’s little mice helpers returns to their store windows with fun and festivities. Harrods are leading you on their own Christmas tale one which surely will not be forgotten.


Do you have any Christmas window displays you particularly like? Let us know!

Image credits: drapersonline, harveynichols, vimeo

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