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With our annual Christmas party done and dusted, we all had a long weekend to spend watching Christmas films (whilst stuck on the sofa recovering that is…). That brought us into the office this morning with the question, "What's your favourite Christmas film?". We established that the key to a great Christmas movie is one that you can watch continuously from November and through December each year without fail, watch with the family and most importantly, gets you in the spirit of the season! However it turns out that trying to pick just one of these films in an office wide debate is somewhat difficult and with that being said, we have opted to handpick our top 10 and share them with you. Here we go…

10. Bad Santa

9. Jingle All The Way

8. The Santa Clause

7. Arthur Christmas

6. Die Hard

5. Love Actually

4. Miracle on 34th Street

3. A Disney's Christmas Carol

2. Elf

And top of the list, Network Marketing's official favourite, if you haven't already guessed…

1. Home Alone (1&2)

If you haven't watched these films already this year, that's your last few days up to Christmas sorted. If you're a festive movie buff however, you may want to check out IMDb's Top 100 Christmas Movies for some new ideas!

Merry Christmas! (Ya Filthy Animal!)



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