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3 Best Christmas Window Displays

Walking through the town centres across Manchester, Leeds and London at this time of year we are seeing plenty of creativity pumped into festive store windows. The best we’ve witnessed so far are the usual suspects; Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Selfridges Harry Gordon Selfridge, as represented in BBC Drama ‘Mr. Selfridge’ was a department …
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Genius In Manchester

Genius In Manchester! Before we get started let’s make this clear- despite the title, we have NOT discovered the Manc Albert Einstein. However… having a Manchester based office, we are well aware of the ongoing filming of the 1920’s New York based movie ‘Genius’ on our doorstep. Anything going on in the city centre leaves us nosey and …
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Emma’s 10th Year

This year marks Emma Thomson’s 10th year working at The Book and to celebrate we organised a night out with both The Book and Network Marketing teams. We were joined by our Group Lifetime President, Tim Watts and Chief Executive Jon Smith. We started the night (after a very busy day of course) with some drinks at …
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