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As you may have already realised - we love creativity and everything design. Now we have reached the festive period and December 25th rapidly approaches there's tonnes of creativity flying around whether it be from a global retail brands Christmas print campaign or a small boutique lone-wolf designer on Etsy. Instead of reviewing everything we like at the minute - we have decided to combine our favourite things, Christmas and coffee! It didn't take long for us to collect the majority of the festive coffee cups from our favourite coffee houses, here they are!


Probably the most famous coffee shop in the world and one of the biggest brands all round, Starbucks have released some festive favourites for winter including the Toffee Nut Latte (which is a favourite in our office!) but nevertheless their Christmas cup is simple and red, we're guessing the design budget went straight into new recipes - we're not complaining!

Costa Coffee

Featuring a penguin on ours, Costa has opted for turning their cups into some of our favourite Christmas and winter characters.

Cafe Nero

Cafe Nero have adopted a 'winter wonderland' approach with the printing on their cups with a feel-good festive design of snow and Christmassy homes. Buone Feste!



Greggs, although not a dedicated coffee shop have a friendly design on their coffee cups of elves playing in the snow... it doesn't get much more festive than that - so they're on the list!


Do you have any Christmassy coffee cups that you like? We want to see them!

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