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Our MD Jonathan received a rather interesting letter this morning at Network Marketing towers.

It arrived in the post, hand written and marked Private and Confidential - it even had an old fashioned stamp on it.

Once he opened it, (which was rather quickly as it looked intriguing). There was a handwritten post it driving you towards a website...

Once Jonathan logged onto the website and saw the wonderful animation which you can view by clicking here:  and listened to the message it began a discussion in our office saying how great this piece of Direct Mail was and how effective it is.

We feel it really does its job well because it's super personal, well thought out and if you know someone has taken time to address you personally, you give the same respect back by watching and listening to their message...

The message is clear and they have all of their bases covered across social media, so as a fledgling business they are going about getting their name "Find the Edge" out there. What they do as a business is connect Leaders with Business News, Tips & Insights which even if that isn't useful to you please have a look at the fab animation and appreciate that!

Clever piece of DM don't you agree?

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